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Terms & Conditions

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Bali Villa Retreats Pty Ltd (ACN:154 631 802), hereinafter referred to as "The Agency", acts independently as a booking agent on behalf of the villa owner/s and or any property managers of the villas that it represents.  Each Villa has their own terms and conditions and in all instances when booking the villa, the villas own terms and conditions will be applicable.  Where in the instance a villas terms and conditions do not cover an applicable clause, then the following terms and conditions, of “The Agency” will apply.

All bookings made with “The Agency” reserves the right to collect payments made by “The Hirer” on behalf of the villas owner/s and or property manager/s.  All payments are to be paid directly to “The Agency” as outlined in these terms and conditions.

The contract entered into is between the owner/s or property Management Company of the holiday accommodation being booked and the holiday maker making the booking, hereinafter referred to as "The Hirer". This contract is not valid and effective until “The Hirer” has submitted the booking request in writing and Bali Villa Retreats Pty Ltd has received the required payment in full as cleared funds into their nominated bank account and the receipt confirmation has been sent to "The Hirer".


Please note: Season Classifications, their period and corresponding pricing are subject to discretion of each villa owner.  Please refer to pricing information in villa rates page of our website, otherwise if not noted, the following seasons, are applicable and are subject to change at any given time.


2012 Season Dates*:

Low Season:

  •  January 9th to June 30th inclusive (excluding Easter week and Chinese new year as below HIGH season rates), September 16th to December 19th inclusive.

High Season:

  • Jan 20th  - Jan 25th inclusive (Chinese New Year), April 4th to April 14th inclusive (Easter week),  June 1st  to Sept 15th inclusive

Peak Season:

  • December 15th to January 8th inclusive. (Christmas & New Year period)

2013 Season Dates*:

Low Season:

  •  January 9th to June 30th inclusive (excluding Easter week and Chinese new year as below HIGH season rates), September 16th to December 19th inclusive.

High Season

  • Feb 8th - Feb 13th (Chinese New Year), March 27th - 6th April (Easter week),  June 1st  to Sept 15th inclusive

Peak Season:

  • December 15th to January 8th inclusive. (Christmas & New Year period)

* IMPORTANT NOTE: The above rates are indicative, and are provided as a guideline only. All season dates are at the discretion of the villa management/owner/s and are subject to their Terms and Conditions. "The Agency" is not liable nor responsible for the season dates offered, however we will ensure to provide correct seasons and rates at the time of your enquiry, and will do all within our power to ensure the season rates are noted and applicable on receipt from the villa management/owner/s. 


    All rates are in USD unless otherwise stated by the villas own terms and conditions.  Rates and payments can be subject to change without prior notice, and are not valid until payment is received in full into our nominated bank account/s as cleared funds.  For all Australian Residents, upon request The Agency will convert the USD to AUD from the foreign currency website on the date of invoice  and the rate will be applied on issue of the invoice for payment. Once a booking has been confirmed and payment received, the booked rate, can not be changed.


    1. Reservations have to be made in writing, wither by completing an online enquiry, email, or fax as per contact details online.
    2. Fill in the form completely, including Arrival and Departure Dates, number of guests in your party, and any children or infants where applicable.
    3. Unless otherwise stated, the maximum capacity for each villa, is 2 Adults per bedroom. Please contact us if you have any queries regarding the maximum capacity of each villa, as each villa, has it's own specific regulations in regards to maximum capacity.
    4. Our reservation team will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours, or by the end of the next working day. If for any reason you do not receive any response fromyour website enquiry during this time, please contact us immediately at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
    5. "The Agency" will then commence checking the Villas availability for the time period you have requested.  If the inquired villa is available, you will receive a response with detailed information about the villa, its rates for the enquired period, and further instruction to finalize your reservation.
    6. If the inquired villa is NOT available, Bali Villa Retreats will endeavour to source "like suited" villas for you, which may also be of interest to your party of guests for the period advised.
    7. Availability can change from time to time especially in peak and high seasons. The villa which is available when our reservation responds your inquiry may no longer available when you decide to confirm your reservation. Therefore it is advisable to confirm your reservation immediately after you receive availability information.
    8. As soon as you confirm your booking, our reservation office will issue you an invoice with detailed payment instructions and a due date.
    9. Make sure to settle the payment before the due date. Your reservation will be automatically released if you fail to make the payment before the due date.
    10. When we receive the payment we will issue a payment receipt along with booking confirmation containing related information to your reservation including check-in and check out date, exclusions and inclusions, remaining payments, etc.
    11. For Airport transfer arrangement, please provide detailed arrival and departure schedule's of each member of your group.


    Payment Options

    Bank Deposit/EFT Transfer.  Payments can be made directly into our bank account held with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Australia (AUD) or Permata Bank, Indonesia (USD) in person or via electronic bank transfer.  The current conversion rate from USD into AUD will be applicable on confirmation of booking and abstracted from the website on date of inovice. Any fees applicable by the remitting financial institution for payment into our bank account will be at the remitter’s expense.

    Credit Card via Pay Pal Visa and MasterCard payments only are accepted and will incur a surcharge.  If choosing to pay via PayPal please advise Bali Villa Retreats Pty Ltd in writing and an invoice will be forwarded to you for payment with full payment details and the surcharge applicable..  

    Booking Confirmation:  An initial deposit of 50% of the total rental amount is required along with the completed guest reservation form before a booking confirmation can be issued.   Upon confirmation of a booking; an invoice and the payment instructions will be issued to the Hirer to finalise the booking.   The deposit must be received by Bali Villa Retreats within 5 working days.  If the deposit is not received within this time, the booking and contract will be deemed as terminated.

    Final payment.  Is required 30* days prior to your arrival.  In the event of a booking being made over the Christmas/New Year period then 60* days is applicable.

    When in the instance a booking is made less than 45 days prior to arrival (60 days in the case of Christmas/New Year bookings), full payment will then be required within 3 working days of the booking being confirmed or upon arrival whichever comes first.

    ** IMPORTANT NOTE: The above payment dates are indicative, and are provided as a guideline only. All payment due dates are at the discretion of the villa management/owner/s and are subject to their Terms and Conditions. "The Agency" is not liable nor responsible for the payment times and must abide by what is set by the villa management/owner/s request and Terms and Conditions, however we will ensure to provide sufficient time and payment details at the time the invoice is raised.

    In the case of a last minute booking or extension to your booking, the agency will accept USD cash (post 1996 and unmarked, F series or newer) on arrival.

    Requests for payments to be made by Traveller’s Cheques, other currencies or personal cheques, is at the discretion of the Villa Owner and or Property Manager.

    Villa security bond and waiver of Liability

    Upon arrival "The Hirer" may be asked to sign a Waiver of Liability and a credit card authorisation form, which will allow "the Agency" to charge the card with any charges that "The Hirer" incurs while at the villa. This form must be accompanied by photocopies of both sides of the credit card used and the cardholder’s passport. All guests will also be asked to provide their KTP card and /or passport on arrival for the registration of your identity with local authorities.
    Some villas may also request a security deposit (Bond).  If this is required, a deposit will be requested by the villa manager upon arrival.  This Bond will be refunded in full on the day of departure, unless damages/repairs need to be performed, in which case refunds will be made, less the cost of damages or where the amount is greater than the bond paid, the credit card waiver of liability will be enforced to pay any charges outstanding over and above this amount.

    Travel Insurance

    Getting travel insurance which covers any potential disadvantages during your holiday including but not limited to flights, luggage, illness, injury, death, damage, loss, and cancellations is highly recommended. "The Agency" is not responsible for arranging Travel Insurance on behalf of "The Hirer" at any time during the booking process.

    1. "The Agency" is not liable in any circumstance to substitute or refund any unused proportion of accommodation and other related services.
    2. "The Agency" is not liable to damage, loss, injury, and death sustained by residing clients both inside and outside the villa.
    3. Whilst we make our best effort to ensure accuracy of information presented in our website, we are not responsible for any changes and alterations made by the villa owner.
    4. "The Agency" is not responsible and therefore is not liable to borne any related expenses caused by inconvenience caused by condition of the villa.
    5. "The Agency" is not liable to any loss and damages to personal belongings of the clients and their visiting guests including cars and personal belongings left inside.

    Changes to Bookings

    A USD $100.00 administration fee will apply to each change of booking after a booking has been confirmed. In all cases we will endeavour to accommodate changes, but will be subject to approval by "The Agency” as per below.

    1. Altering your booking can only be made in writing by either email or fax.
    2. Altering your booking is subject to availability.
    3. Each villa applies its own policy on booking alteration.


    Each villa applies its own cancellation policy.

    "The Agency" will provide the guest the cancellation policy specific to the applicable villa at time of invoicing.

    All cancellation notices must be received by the agency in writing.


    Airport transfers and Transport

    Unless explicitly informed, airport transfers are provided as a complimentary service for a maximum of 4 persons each way. For any guests who have in excess of 4 persons in their party, we can arrange additional transport for an addititonal fee.

    Our representative will be waiting for you at the arrival gate, holding a board with your name .

    Please note: Most Villa's offer the services of a car and driver (Excluding petrol) during your booked reservation, however , when in the instance your booked villa does not supply this service to you;  "The Agency" strongly recommends you arrange the use of a car and driver during your stay on Bali (Please see reasons outlined in Bali Travel Guide/ Getting Around). If you are unsure if your villa provides this service, please contact us for confirmation.  


    If for any reason a villa represented by "The Agency" does not have its own staff, we will endeavour to arrange staff and additional services for you on your behalf.  Please advise us of your requirements and we will advise you of availability and cost.

    Booked Occupancy.

    At the time of booking your villa you will be asked to provide the number of guests occupying the property.  The numbers of guests occupying the property must not exceed the maximum amount provided with the booking confirmation.  The Agency reserves the right to terminate the occupancy of the villa, when the amount of guests exceeds the number of guests booked, and where, in its opinion, the best interest of the property and the persons occupying the villa is of a safety and security concern.

    Wedding and or Events at the Villa

    Most villas have strict rules governing your booked villa and their usage for events and parties.  If allowed they may ask for a surcharge and in addition a local community (Banjar’) fee.  Permission must be obtained for any functions to be held at your villa upon booking where the number of people in attendance exceeds 150% of the capacity of the villa.   If this is not requested at time of booking, then the booking will be classified as a standard booking for vacation purposes only.  If "The Agency" is made aware of any event held at the villa during or after occupancy, that has not been advised at the time of booking, then "The Agency" reserves the right to surcharge as request by the owner.  "The Hirer" should be aware that most of the private villas are located in residential neighbourhoods and, not all functions or events can necessarily be accommodated, depending on the size or requirements. Much depends on the impact this may have or concerns it could raise with residents of the community.   In most cases, these are usually negotiated with the best interests of all parties being met.

    Weddings and other events being held at villas are becoming increasingly popular.  Please note that most villa owners will not accept a booking involving a function or special event without confirmation that a function coordinator has been employed to assist on site. Where "The Hirer" is planning to hold a special event of any large congregation of people (150% or more of villa occupancy) please advise "The Agency" as soon as possible. "The Agency" can recommend local professionals to assist where required.

    Damages and or Losses

    It is "The Hirer’s" responsibility to leave the villa and its property in a clean and tidy condition. It is at "The Hirer’s" responsibility to pay for any damages and or losses incurred during occupation of the villa. "The Agency" reserves the right to execute the Villa security bond and waiver of Liability clause outlined in this contract to cover any expenses and "The Agency"or Villa Owner retains the right to repossess the villa if the clients or guests cause damage to the villa. 

    Agency Liability

    "The Agency" makes every effort to ensure that all marketing of the current villa descriptions are accurate at time of booking.  All villas have been personally visited by a representative of "The Agency" to ensure that the minimum standard expected by us is met.   "The Agency" is not responsible for any alterations made to the property by the owner or property managers to any of its amenities or services. Nor are we responsible for any injury or sickness to any persons, nor are we responsible for the loss, theft or damage to personal belongings or contents whilst on the property.
    "The Agency" are not responsible for any additional expenses or inconvenience caused, directly or indirectly arising out of, the use or condition of the property, it’s amenities and services, exceptional weather conditions or owner's negligence.  Additionally, no responsibility will be accepted for any dissatisfaction, loss or injury relating to bookings made through any third party referred by "The Agency", including but not limited to event co-ordinators, private drivers, child minding services, tour operators and other service providers.


    Both "The Agency"and the villa owners strive to provide comfortable, top quality accommodation for the clients to occupy. However we are also aware that there are issues beyond our control which may negatively affect a client’s experience.

    "The Agency" is not liable for failure to perform its obligation caused by issues beyond its reasonable control including but not limited to act of God, power failure, fire, flood, epidemic disease, war, riot, and terrorism.

    If "The Hirer" at any time feels that they have cause for complaint concerning a villa and or its services provided, in the first instance the matter should be addressed with the owner or villa manager.  If a mutual understanding and agreement is not concluded, "The Hirer" should then report the matter to "The Agency" as soon as possible.  If "The Agency"considers the complaint of a valid nature, a partial refund may be given.  This may take several weeks to finalise as the grievance will need to be communicated and approved by the villa owner and or its property managers.  "The Agency" will not further enter into any claims lodged by a client after the booked party has departed the property or after their return home, when it is no longer practical or possible to effectively investigate the complaint by "The Agency".


    1. All clients are strongly recommended to obtain appropriate travel and medical insurances.
    2. Clients are responsible to ensure that every member of their group has proper travel document as regulated by the government of the Republic of Indonesia.
    3. "The Agency"is not liable to refund any losses caused by improper documentation and any other travel related problem including but not limited to cancelled or delayed flights.
    4. "The Agency"is not liable to any illegal conduct or actions against the law of the Republic of Indonesia.